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Cynthia Simmons  is a Certified Professional Les Brown Speaker.

and the author of the successful book

"A Breast Cancer Notification" 

After being fired from two jobs while battling four cancers and then given six months to live over 12 years ago Cynthia went on to become an Entrepreneuer, Professional Speaker, Author, and receive and Honorary Doctorate in the Philosophy of Business and Christian Leadership for her works in helping others

Les Brown 

Member of
Real Champion League Speakers Bureau 

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Les Brown
Worlds Leading
Motivational Speaker

I would highly recommend Cynthia for any speaking venue, she has an amazing story and can inspire and motivate a crowd. She is also certified through my Power Voice Speaker program


Robert Carrow
Professional Speaker

I recently had the privilege of listening to one of Cynthia‘s talks. Cynthia is a powerful, passionate speaker that knows how to motivate her audience to take action. I would highly recommend her for any keynote or breakout opportunity!


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Ben Lomeli
Senior Business Development Specialist

Cynthia always puts the individual person first, and enjoys achieving success through helping others succeed, her attitude is simply "if they succeed I will succeed", Cynthia is the servant leader in action. I recommend Cynthia to anybody for anything.


Let me inspire and impact your audience 

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