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  Cynthia Simmons
Is My DNA Preventing My Success?

The Never Give Up Mentality Program 

    What is Preventing You From Success in Life

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  • This Ebook can help you uncover if your DNA is preventing your success.

  • Discover the secrets and find out if your past is playing a role.

  • Reach your goals and dreams with ease by changing just a few things Discover what they are.

  • Then Learn how to turn all of that around and do what most successful people do to reach the height of their careers. 

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Dr. Simmons is giving away her eBook.
Is My DNA Preventing My Success?

After she discovered the keys to unlocking the age-old question
You will be amazed at how she did it, and how she now teaches others to do the same using the same method she used

About Dr. Cynthia Simmons

After battling four different cancers from 1993-2009 and, being fired from two jobs due to cancer, and then being given six months to live in 2009 because of cancer,

Cynthia went on to

  • Start her own business, then became a

  • Professional Motivational/Inspirational Speaker under the guidance of World Famous Les Brown,

  • An author  A Breast Cancer Notification

  • Received an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from Cornerstone Christian University for her works in helping others to overcome their biggest hurdles in life. 


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